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 Scarlet's Masteries [WIP]

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PostSubject: Scarlet's Masteries [WIP]   Sat Mar 19, 2016 8:37 pm

I set out to create a list of generic Mastery pages to find some kind of order to the seemingly chaotic maintainence required of them. 4 Mastery pages per role, assuming you played every role, that was the dream. Very early on it became apparent that roles cannot be locked down to 4 Mastery pages, nor Masteries to specific roles and champions; there is a lot of overlap. After spending a day correlating Mastery pages for 10+ champions per role, it once again became apparent that the overlap would not be enough to stem the diversity the Masteries offer. So I came to a signle conclusion.

I cannot, and will not make a generic list of Mastery pages.

Riot set out to change up Masteries in Season 6. Their goal: Make Masteries depend on the players playstyle, not the champion. They achieved exactly that. Masteries are not defined by the champion you are playing, but rather by how you want to play that champion. Specifically, this idea revolves around the Keystone you choose. Now I could still make generic Mastery pagess per se, however there would be 24 of them and you would need to tweak them to the champion you are going to play. So instead I'm going to teach you the knowledge I have. By the time you have completed this article you will be able to assess your playstyle with your chosen champion and build a Mastery page tailored for you.

What I am going to do is break down individual Masteries, tell you what they do, why you would want them and why you wouldn't depending on what your champion offers and the type of playstyle you're aiming for. Although really long, this article shouldn't be daunting at all. It's really easy stuff and you're going to be a fellow theory crafter in just a bit. Let us begin.

Watch this space.

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Scarlet's Masteries [WIP]
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