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 Scarlet's Rune Pages [WIP]

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PostSubject: Scarlet's Rune Pages [WIP]   Wed Mar 16, 2016 7:41 pm

So after much nagging, begging, pleading, pleasing...*cough* Twisted *cough* I've decided to start trying to make generic "presets" for Masteries and Rune Pages. I've started with Rune Pages because lets face it, Masteries just have way too many variables to lock down....I'll figure it out in time.

So a lot of Rune Pages are incredible versatile. For example, all Marksman use the same Rune Page in bot lane this season. A lot of Junglers use a generic "AD" Rune Page. I also list options, Rune Pages are preference, so if you like Armour Seals over Health Seals, take them. Without further ado, here are your "Must have" Rune Pages.

Defence > AD:
Defence > AP:
Sup_Hybrid Pen:

More pages coming soon.

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Scarlet's Rune Pages [WIP]
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