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 Naming Conventions for Champion Guides

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PostSubject: Naming Conventions for Champion Guides   Tue Mar 01, 2016 8:32 am

In the interest of user friendliness when posting your guides in The Library please use the below naming conventions.

  • The Library is listed alphabetically, put the champion's name first.
  • There are many ways to play a champion and your guide is likely specific to either a certain play style or build type. Use 1 to 3 words to describe your guide after the champion name. KEEP IT SHORT.
  • Things change and guides become less relevant with every patch. List the patch that the guide was made for next.
  • There is no need to list the lane your guide applies to as they are specific to the forum they are posted in.
  • Moderators will do their best to keep guides colour coded to the current patch. Current patch. 1 to 3 patches old. 4 or more patches old.

Here is a few examples:
Annie - Tanky AP - 6.4
Blitzcrank - AP Cooldown - 6.1
Corki - Crit Build - 5.6
Darius - High AD - 6.4
Ezreal - Blue Build - 6.4

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Naming Conventions for Champion Guides
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